Horticulture/Potted Plants

Chairperson: Linda Lodes

BEST OF SHOW 2016: Marilyn Woods


  1. Entries will be accepted on Monday, September 11, 2017, 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm.
  2. Plants must have been in the possession of and grown by the exhibitor for at least three (3) months prior to exhibiting in this show.
  3. The Fair Association will not be responsible for plants, but precautions will be taken for the care of all entries.
  4. Entries shall be limited to amateur growers – those not growing for profit.
  5. Exhibits MUST be picked up Sunday, September 18th, 6pm to 8pm.  Fair is NOT responsible for Exhibits not picked up.


Potted Foliage Plants

Lot 01 Fruited Plants
Lot 02 Maranta (prayer plant)
Lot 03 Pepperonia
Lot 04 Variegated Foliage Plants
Lot 05 Any Other Upright Foliage Plant


Lot 01 Asparagus
Lot 02 Boston
Lot 03 Ruffles or Lace
Lot 04 Any Other Ferns

Flowering Plants

Lot 01 Gardenia
Lot 02 Sultana
Lot 03 Any Other Flowering Potted Plant


Lot 01 Everblooming (fibrous)
Lot 02 Rex
Lot 03 Tuberous (example: beef steak)


Lot 01 Christmas
Lot 02 Large Variety
Lot 03 Small Variety
Lot 04 Succulents (example: jade)
Lot 05 Window Garden
Lot 06 Any Other Cacti


Lot 01 African Violets – single, any color
Lot 02 African Violets – double, any color

Foliage Vines or Trailers

Lot 01 Philodendrons
Lot 02 Swedish Ivy
Lot 03 Spider or Airplane Plant
Lot 04 Wandering Jew
Lot 05 Any Other Vine or Trailer

Other Potted Plants

Lot 01 English Garden
Lot 02 Herbs
Lot 03 Any Other Plant