Chairperson: Suzanne Grimsley

BEST OF SHOW 2016:  Debbie Hartman


  1. Entries will be accepted Thursday, September 7, 2017, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
  2. Judging will be based on Workmanship 50%, Decoration 25%, and Originality 25%.
  3. All first place entries will be judged for Best of Show.
  4. Display preference will be given to winners and those carrying out the fair theme.
  5. All pictures and wall hangings should be framed and/or ready for hanging. The Fair reserves the right to refuse any items that do not meet this requirement.
  6. Items must be clean and never been entered before.
  7. Exhibits MUST be picked up Sunday, September 18th, 6pm to 8pm.  Fair is NOT responsible for Exhibits not picked up.



Lot 762 Applique
Lot 763 Counted cross stitch
Lot 764 Crochet
Lot 765 Decorative (lace, etc.)
Lot 766 Embroidery
Lot 767 Miniature
Lot 768 Needlepoint
Lot 769 Pieced
Lot 770 Tatting
Lot 771 Silk ribbon embroidery
Lot 772 Cross Stitch
Lot 773 Any other


Lot 778 Crochet
Lot 779 Embroidery
Lot 780 Any other

Kitchen Items

Aprons, Dish Towels, Hot Pads, Bun Warmers

Lot 783 Applique
Lot 784 Crochet
Lot 785 Cross stitch
Lot 786 Machine embroidery
Lot 787 Embroidery
Lot 788 Knitted
Lot 789 Hand-woven
Lot 790 Any other item

Household Items

Placemats, Table Runner, Pillowcases, Napkins, Tissue Box Covers, Dresser Scarves

Lot 796 Applique
Lot 797 Crochet
Lot 798 Embroidery
Lot 799 Knitted
Lot 800 Machine embroidery
Lot 801 Loom Work
Lot 802 Needlepoint on plastic
Lot 803 Cross Stitch
Lot 804 Any other

Holiday Items

Lot 807 Applique
Lot 808 Crochet
Lot 809 Embroidery
Lot 810 Knitted
Lot 811 Latch hook
Lot 812 Needlepoint
Lot 813 Smocking
Lot 814 Machine embroidery
Lot 815 Any other holiday item


Lot 820 Crochet
Lot 821 Knitted
Lot 822 Quiet book (fabric learning book)
Lot 823 Stuffed (except soft sculpture)
Lot 824 Any other

Purses & Totes Bags

Lot 828 Embroidery
Lot 829 Machine embroidery
Lot 830 Sewn purse
Lot 831 Crochet
Lot 832 Any other item