Queen of the Kitchen

2017 Winner: Suzanne Grimsley

2016 Winner: Suzanne Grimsley


  1. Fair participant must enter 10 items listed in the Culinary Department (must have at least one item in each of the following categories: Breads, Cakes, Pies, Cobblers, and Cookies).
  2. Winners will be determined on the following point system:
    • All First Places — 10 points
    • All Second Places — 5 points
    • All Third Places — 2 points
  3. Winner receives $25.
  4. Persons who have won two years consecutively will be retired as Queen of the Kitchen Supreme. They will not be allowed to compete for this award but may continue to enter exhibits for ribbons and premium money.
  5. Men are eligible and would be “King of the Kitchen”.


  • Lot 01 Queen of the Kitchen