Demolition Derby



1. All glass, chrome, and other moldings removed.

2. Battery moved to front passenger floor secured.

3. Gas tank in rear seat location secured.

4. Max. tire size 16 inch with 5 hole bolt pattern. No solid tires.

5. Only welding allowed is the driver’s door and bumper mounts.

6. No frame seam welding.

7. Must have original body mounts. All thread max 5/8 inch 4 places through hood and trunk. Other doors are to be chained or welded shut. If have plastic inner wells may add a 4 inch plate to front fenders for hood bolts.

8. Bumpers may be chained, but if chained to hood this will count as one of your hood fasteners.

9. Cages are allowed inside car.No more than 6 inched behind driver’s seat on 2 door car and no more than 8 inches past driver’s seat on 4 door cars. Must be at least 10 inches off the floor.

10. No suspension changes. 2 spacers allowed on front springs. No welding down A-Arms. Rear springs can be wired or small chained. No chaining on humps.

11. No chaining frame body.

12. Transmission coolers and fans will be allowed. They must be secured.

13. Bumpers may be changed. No aftermarket, must be factory. No adding on metal. Clean welds to shock mounts.

14. No imperial bumpers or truck bumpers.

15. No extra body bolts.

16. No prebending of frames. Frame may be cut for bending, but no welding of frame. No tucking of truck lids.

17. No motor protectors or distributor protectors.

18. All cars will be inspected. It will be the decision of the inspector and inspectors call is final.