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Fair Volunteer Contact: Mike Peery

Fair Office Accountant: Angel Williams

Fair Week Secretary: Samatha Cupples

Pageant Director: Jeannie Coughlin

Livestock Director: Johnny Woolfolk

Family Center Building Director: Cher Woolfolk

Fair Week Grounds Managers: Pete, Cody, Trey & Reba Brewer

Web Site Designers: Diego Arenas

UT Extension Madison County:

Dr. Kane Reeves – Extension Agent III & County Director
Tennille Short – 4-H & Community Economic Development
Celeste Scott – Extension Agent III – Family and Consumer Sciences
Hunter Goodman – Extension Agent I – Agriculture
Aaron Harville – Extension Agent I – 4H
Amber Morgan – Extension Agent I – TNCEP
Linda Seaman – Extension Agent I – 4H
Everett Charles – Extension Program Assistant – 4H
Delois Thompson – Administrative Support Assistant

Exhibit Superintendents: 

Exhibitor Director: Dr. Kane Reeves
Canning: Mary Ann Martin
Stitch & Sew: Sue Hicks
Crops: Karen Ibarra
Culinary: Mary Ann Martin
Cut Flowers: Linda Lodes
Education Exhibits: Susan Holloway
Eggs: Karen Ibarra
Fruits & Vegetables: Karen Ibarra
Hobbies & Crafts: Susan Holloway
Honey: Mary Ann Martin
Horticulture: Linda Lodes
Needlework: Lorene Crone
Photography: Jim Kersey
Quilts & Quilted Items: Lorene Crone
Visual Arts: Lisa Kersey
4H – Youth: Loy Crane

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